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Academic Administration Policies related to the development, delivery, and administration of academic programs. Curriculum development, program delivery, program promotion, program analysis, program forecasting, program development, program administration, academic conflict of interest, academic ethical behavior.
Board of Visitors description: Policies that provide the framework under which University administration operates and which support the mission, values and long-term planning of the University. Manual of the Board of Visitors Endowment distribution; University-related foundation oversight; appointment, promotion and granting of tenure; government and discipline of students.
Executive Vice President & Provost Policies Policies specific to those areas that fall under the authority of the Executive Vice President & Provost. Instruction and service in the schools of the University.
External Relations Policies related to managing relationships with organizations and entities external to the University. Vendor relations, community relations, corporate relations, fundraising, lobbying, public relations, government relations, peer and accreditation reviews.
Finance and Business Operations Policies related to collecting monies owed to the University; paying monies owed by the University; recording and reporting the movement of monies through the University's accounts; negotiating, approving and administering contracts made between the University and external entities; ensuring compliance with Federal, State, and University fiduciary rules and regulations; providing non-educational services to students, employees and visitors. Budgeting, accounting, purchasing, contracting, fixed asset administration, sponsored program finance and business operations, student financial aid, student accounting, billing and collections, cashiering and banking, payroll, investing, financial reporting.
Finance Policies for EVP&COO area only Policies specific to those areas that fall under the authority of the Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. Key financial and business functions including, debt and credit management, managerial analysis and costing, financial performance measurements, and financial planning.
Governance Policies that define constraints and/or requirements that impact the University's overall mission, operation, or governance. Policy development, monitoring, certification, accreditation, auditing, faculty self-governance, classified staff governance, student self-governance.
Human Resource Management Policies related to people who are employed by the University in any capacity. Position control, employee recruitment, hiring, benefits administration, employment verification, employee certification, leave accrual, employee performance evaluation, leadership development, staff development and training, work study, grievance, disciplinary actions, terminations, nondiscrimination and discriminatory harassment.
Information Resource Management Policies related to the management, use and security of the University's information and knowledge assets. Collection, storage and distribution, ensuring access and security, information release and privacy, application software development, application software maintenance, database administration, help desk consultation, records management, retention and disposal, student medical records.
Physical Resource Management Policies related to the management and use of University physical facilities, capital assets, infrastructure elements and installations. Facility maintenance and management; grounds maintenance; facility use scheduling; capital improvement planning; capacity planning; construction; renovation; equipment inventory, repair, usage; computer system administration, telecommunication network administration; fleet management.
Research Administration Policies related to the conduct and administration of research activities at, or under the authority of, the University. Proposal preparation; award management, assessment and reporting; contracting; indirect cost administration; compliance review; patents; consulting; research ethics and conflict of interest.
Research and Graduate Studies Policies Policies specific to those areas that fall under the authority of the Vice President for Research. Research compliance, research enhancement, intellectual property management, graduate studies, postdoctoral support.
Safety, Security and Environmental Quality Policies related to the protection of University facilities and of the people who live, work, play or visit these facilities. Building access and security; policing; controlling hazardous materials; recycling; personnel safety and security; environmental health; risk management; disaster planning.
Student Affairs Policies Policies specific to those areas that fall under the authority of the Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer. Programs, activities, services, student organizations, special status organizations.
Students and Student Programs Policies related to students and their relationship with the University including conduct, matriculation or participation in the academic and extra-curricular life of the institution. Recruitment, admission, registration, withdrawal, disciplinary actions, graduation, course scheduling and registration, grade reporting, testing, academic counseling, career planning and counseling, delivery of care to students.


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