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Policy: University Mail Services 

Date: 05/10/04 Policy ID: FIN-010 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: University Mail Services
Oversight Executive: Vice President for Management and Budget
Applies To: Academic Division and the Medical Center.
Table of Contents: 

Policy Statement

  1. Incoming Departmental Mail
  2. Outgoing Departmental Mail
  3. Messenger Mail
  4. Newcomb Hall Post Office


Reason for Policy: Describes the requirements for the processing, receipt and distribution of U.S. mail and messenger mail in a timely and efficient manner so as to minimize costs.
Policy Summary: 
Definition of Terms in Statement: 

Departmental Mail: Mail/Correspondence sent out by UVa departments for delivery to addresses outside the University system.

Messenger Mail: Mail/Correspondence sent out by UVa departments for delivery to addresses within the University system.

Policy Statement: 

All departments are required to use a University P.O. Box number as the official mailing address for both U.S. Post Office mail and internal messenger mail. The P.O. Box number will be assigned by University Mail Services.

  1. Incoming Departmental Mail:
    Faculty and staff should not have personal items mailed to them through the United States Postal Service at their University address. 

  2. Outgoing Departmental Mail:
    All outgoing department mail must be for University official business and must have the department’s return address. Departments are required to use University Mail Services for all outgoing mail and are not authorized to obtain their own postage meters or postal permits unless authorized by University Mail Services. Any large bulk mailings that will use the University’s non-profit postal permit must be coordinated with University Mail Services.

Departments need to separate International Mail, First Class Domestic Mail, Mail Requiring Special Attention, and Messenger Mail. The different categories of mail should be put in separate trays or bundled and marked accordingly.

  1. Messenger Mail:
    Messenger Mail is to be used for official University business and not for personal use or for advertising for merchants. The address should contain the individual’s name or title, department, and P.O. Box. Failure to list the department’s P.O. Box may result in delay or misdirection of your mail.

  2. Newcomb Hall Post Office:
    University Mail Services operates the Newcomb Hall Post Office under the authorization of the U.S. Postal Service. As a contract station, this location sells stamps, metered postage, money orders, etc.
Procedures: University Mail Services
Related Information: Mail Services Guide
Policy Background: 
Major Category: Finance and Business Operations
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Next Scheduled Review: 09/29/14
Approved By, Date: Policy Review Committee, 05/10/04
Revision History: Revised 9/29/11, 9/11/08.
Supersedes (previous policy):  University Mail Services VII.B.3