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Policy: Individuals Authorized to Approve Local Fund Exceptions to State Policies and Self-Travel 

Date: 05/22/06 Policy ID: FIN-016 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: Procurement and Supplier Diversity Services
Oversight Executive: Vice President for Management and Budget
Applies To:  Academic Division, the Medical Center and Wise.
Table of Contents: 

Policy Statement

Reason for Policy:  To ensure that local fund exceptions to state policies and self-travel are approved by authorized individuals.
Policy Summary: 
Definition of Terms in Statement: 

Individual Authorized to Approve: This individual has approval authority for local fund exceptions to state policies as well as self-approval of travel unless otherwise noted in this policy. This individual may also appoint alternate individuals who assume responsibility on his or her behalf or in his or her absence to approve certain expenditures that fall outside of University, State and Local policies.

Alternates: These individuals have been designated by the Individual Authorized to Approve, as an alternate to approve on his or her behalf. The Alternate cannot approve their own travel reimbursement.

Policy Statement: 

The individual Authorized to Approve and corresponding alternate(s) listed below are authorized to approve local fund exceptions to state policies. Only Individuals Authorized to Approve, can self approve their own travel reimbursements and their own traveler’s check request form.

Note 1: Indicates individual can approve self-travel only.
Note 2 : Indicates authority to approve exceptions for Board of Visitors transactions only.

Individual Authorized to Approve





• Chief of Staff and Associate Vice President
   for Administration

Chancellor, UVA College at Wise

• Vice Chancellor for Finance and
   Government Relations
• Executive Assistant to the Chancellor

Vice President and Provost

• Vice Provost for Academic Programs
• Vice Provost for Administration and Chief of    Staff
• President, Virginia Foundation for the    Humanities

Vice President for Research & Graduate Studies

• Associate Vice President for Research &   Graduate Studies

Vice President and CEO of the Medical Center

• Chief Administrative Officer and Associate    Vice President for Finance

Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer

• Vice President for Management and Budget

Vice President and CIO

• Director of Budget and Administration

Vice President for Management and Budget

• Assistant VP for Management and Budget

Vice President and Chief Officer for Diversity and Equity

• Vice Provost for Administration and Chief of    Staff

Executive Director For Institutional Assessment and Studies (Note 1)

• N/A
Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer • Director, HR Administrative Operations &    Support

Editor, Virginia Quarterly Review

• N/A

Executive Assistant for State Governmental Relations

• Asst VP for Mgmt & Budget/Director State   Governmental Relations

General Counsel

• N/A

Secretary for the Board of Visitors (Note 2)

• N/A

Senior Vice President for Development and Public Affairs

• Assistant VP for Advancement Services

Vice President & Chief Student Affairs Officer

• Associate VP for Student Affairs

Dean, Architecture

• Assistant Dean of Architecture

Dean, Commerce

• Senior Associate Dean

Dean, School of Continuing & Professional Studies

• Associate Dean for Administration
• Assistant Dean for Business and Finance

Dean, Darden School

• Associate Dean for Administration and

Dean, Education School

• Associate Dean

Dean, Engineering and Applied Science

• Assocociate Dean of Academic and    Administrative Services

Dean, Law School

• Associate Dean for Administration

Dean, Medicine

• Assistant Dean for Finance and Human    Resources
• Senior Associate Dean and COO
• School of Medicine Director of Accounting

Dean, Nursing School

• Associate Dean
• Assistant Dean for Administration

Dean, Undergraduate Admission (Note 1)

• N/A

Dean, College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences

• Associate Dean for Management and
• Senior Associate Dean for Administration
   and Planning

Director of Athletics

• Executive Associate Director of Athletics
• Sr. Associate Director of Athletics

Director, Miller Center

• Director of Finance and Program Analysis
President, Virginia Foundation for the Humanities • N/A

University Librarian

• N/A


Procedures:  Procedures for reviewing and processing such transactions are determined internally by each department.
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Policy Background: 
Major Category: Finance and Business Operations
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Next Scheduled Review: 05/22/15
Approved By, Date: Policy Review Committee, 05/22/06
Revision History: Updated 5/6/13, 7/2/09, 5/14/09. Previous version in effect from 3/30/1999 through 5/21/2006.
Supersedes (previous policy):  Individuals Authorized to Approve Local Fund Exceptions to State Policies and Self Travel, VI.A.12