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Policy: Recycling 

Date: 01/18/06 Policy ID: PRM-003 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: Energy and Utilities Department or Facilities Management
Oversight Executive: Vice President for Management and Budget
Applies To: Academic Division and the Medical Center.
Table of Contents: Policy Statement
Reason for Policy: This policy, developed in response to the Code of Virginia (Section § 10.1-1425.6), describes the University’s Recycling Program that is designed to conserve resources and foster environmental stewardship through reducing solid waste (trash) generation and increasing recycling and reuse.
Policy Summary: The University of Virginia operates a Recycling Program designed to reduce solid waste through source reduction, reuse and recycling.
Definition of Terms in Statement: 

Waste Stream: Waste materials generated in University facilities that can either be recovered for reuse, recycled, or disposed in a landfill as solid waste.  

Recyclable, Recoverable, or Reusable Materials: Materials that can be diverted from disposal in a landfill and accepted by the University’s Recycling program.

Solid Waste: Materials which are typically disposed in a landfill. This does not include hazardous, bio-hazardous, or other regulated waste.

Source Reduction: Programs that target the elimination of waste at its source and prior to its entering the waste stream.  Examples include working with manufacturers and suppliers to use less packaging, ordering materials and supplies in bulk, and matching newspaper and phone book production to circulation.

Policy Statement: 

The University of Virginia will comply with the Code of Virginia through its Recycling Program, which establishes UVA-wide recycling and waste reduction goals, implements strategies to achieve the goals, monitors the rates of recycling and trash production, and documents the effectiveness of the program.

Strategies focus on the entire waste stream and include source reduction, the beneficial reuse of materials, and efforts to recover and recycle materials to the maximum extent that is economically feasible.

Note:  University trash and recycling containers are to be used for University generated materials only.   

Information on the University's recycling program can be found at the Recycling Program website.


Related Information: 

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Policy Background: 
Major Category: Physical Resource Management
Category Cross Reference: Safety, Security and Environmental Quality
Next Scheduled Review: 01/18/09
Approved By, Date: Policy Review Committee, 01/18/06
Revision History: Previous version in effect from 2/9/1994 through 1/17/2006.
Supersedes (previous policy):  Facilities Management - Utilities Services XIII.C.1