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Policy: Exterior Posting and Chalking 

Date: 03/01/07 Policy ID: PRM-008 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: Newcomb Hall
Oversight Executive: Vice President and Chief Student Affairs Officer
Applies To: 

Academic Division and the Medical Center.
[Note: Any outside party or independent group not affiliated with the University wishing to post a notice on University property (e.g., Contracted Independent Organizations, fraternities, sororities) must adhere to this policy.]

Table of Contents:  Policy Statement
  1. Posting
  2. Chalking
  3. Compliance with Policy
Reason for Policy: To provide information regarding appropriate exterior locations to post information and to specify locations in which chalking may occur. Guidelines on posting and chalking are intended to: (1) afford individuals appropriate means by which to advertise events on Grounds; (2) reduce litter and preserve the University’s general appearance; (3) protect surfaces on which materials are placed; and (4) reduce maintenance costs.
Policy Summary: 
Definition of Terms in Statement: University Property: Land or buildings that the University owns or leases that are under the direct control of the Board of Visitors. University property also includes premises the University uses for activities of its offices, departments, personnel or students.
Policy Statement: 

The University is committed to promoting communication among students, faculty, the administration and the surrounding community. Posting and chalking on University property is permitted under the following conditions:

  1. Posting:

    • Exterior posting on University property is permitted on designated kiosks. Materials may not be placed on areas or surfaces not intended for posting such as trees, columns, lampposts, bollards, walls, trash receptacles, railings, newspaper racks, construction fences and bicycle racks.

    • Postings are limited to one per individual/organization per kiosk on a first-come, first-serve basis.
      • Flyers should not exceed standard letter-size paper (8 ½ x 11 inches).

      • All materials posted shall clearly indicate the name of the sponsoring University department, office, student organization, independent group or outside organization.

      • Materials shall be posted in such a manner as not to deface or damage the surface to which they are attached. Masking tape is an acceptable means of securing materials to a surface. Scotch or Scotch-type tapes and duct tape are not allowed; nor are liquid paste or cement of any type.

    • With the exception of the Amphitheater, no bed sheets or similar large signs may be displayed on University property. Individuals/organizations wishing to place a sign in the Amphitheater need to obtain approval from the Newcomb Hall Event Planning Office.

    • No temporary structures (e.g., sandwich boards) may be placed on central Grounds for the purpose of providing space for posting flyers or other announcements, unless approved by the Newcomb Hall Event Planning Office.

    • All postings and/or announcements in Athletics Facilities are restricted and approved only in advance by the Department of Athletics, Facilities and Game Operations and/or by Event Management at the time of a particular event.

  2. Chalking:
    • Chalk may be used on exposed (not below roofs or other overhangs) exterior concrete or asphalt sidewalks or walkways. Use of chalk on brick, slate or other stone surfaces or on buildings or other structures of any kind is strictly prohibited.

    • Only non-permanent sidewalk chalk may be used. No paint, spray/adhesive chalks, markers or inks are allowed.

    • Only one chalked message is permitted per sidewalk area (for example: one each to the north, west and east of the amphitheater; one each on the sidewalks surrounding the Lower Lawn).

  3. Compliance with Policy:
    Posted materials which are not in compliance with these regulations will be removed by Facilities Management or other University officials without regard to content.

    Individuals and organizations failing to comply with this policy may jeopardize future posting privileges; be liable for damage and/or clean-up costs if any are incurred; jeopardize funding or other privileges afforded to them; or face charges before the University Judiciary Committee.

Procedures: Facilities Management will remove all posting from kiosks once a week on Monday mornings before 9 a.m.
Related Information: For interior postings, separate restrictions apply. Please contact building or residence hall managers for information.
Fire Safety & Decorating Policies in Resident Halls
University Board of Elections
Management of Medical Center Public Space (Medical Center Policy 0049)
Policy Background: This is the first version of this policy.
Major Category: Physical Resource Management
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Next Scheduled Review: 03/01/14
Approved By, Date: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, 02/22/07
Revision History: Updated 3/31/2011.
Supersedes (previous policy):