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Policy: No Smoking 

Date: 10/09/08 Policy ID: SEC-028 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: Environmental Health and Safety
Oversight Executive: Executive Vice President and Provost
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Applies To: 

All University of Virginia academic division employees and students; as well as visitors to the University. (Medical Center refer to separate Policy No.0005.)

Table of Contents: 

Policy Statement

Reason for Policy:  Provides faculty, staff and students with a smoke-free environment in which to work and learn while protecting them from the potential health hazards from exposure to smoke. To comply with the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) Standard 62 and the Virginia Indoor Clean Air Act.
Policy Summary: 
Definition of Terms in Statement:  Smoking: The carrying or holding of any lighted pipe, cigar or cigarette of any kind or any lighted smoking equipment or the lighting, inhaling or exhaling of smoke from a pipe, cigar or cigarette of any kind.
Policy Statement: 

Smoking is prohibited inside facilities owned or leased by the University (including all on-Grounds housing facilities) and in University-owned vehicles, except as noted below. It is also prohibited (1) within 25 feet of all entries, outdoor air intakes, and operable windows; and (2) in any outside area adjacent to a facility whose configuration and/or other physical conditions allow smoke either to enter and affect the internal environment or to unduly affect the environment of those entering or exiting the facility.

Exception: Smoking is permitted in family and faculty staff housing units.

The Office of Environmental Health & Safety will be responsible for posting appropriate signage in each building and will assist (upon request) departments in evaluating any designated outside smoking areas to ensure that it complies with this policy and, if necessary, work with Facilities Management to have them post appropriate signage.

It is the responsibility of all members of the University community to observe this policy and to ensure compliance with the policy by all visitors to the University.

It is the responsibility of each supervisor, manager, department head, director, dean, etc., to enforce the provisions of this policy in their areas of respective accountability.


Issues of non-compliance should be reported to the facility’s building coordinator. For instances where there is no designated building coordinator, issues of non-compliance should be reported to a manager.

Violation of University policies by employees is cause for disciplinary action.

Related Information: 

VA Indoor Clean Air Act
AHRAE Standard 62.1-2004 – Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality (ANSI Approved)
Executive Order 41: Banning Smoking in State Offices and Vehicles

Policy Background: Previous version of this policy contained in a memorandum issued by the Provost dated 2/20/1989.
Major Category: Safety, Security and Environmental Quality
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Next Scheduled Review: 10/09/17
Approved By, Date: Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, 06/09/06
Revision History: Revised 4/29/14, 9/3/08. Updated 1/18/07.
Supersedes (previous policy):