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Policy: Preventing and Addressing Discrimination and Harassment 

Date: 04/08/08 Policy ID: HRM-009 Status: Final

Policy Type: University
Contact Office: Equal Opportunity Programs
Oversight Executive: President of the University
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Reason for Policy: 
Policy Summary: 
Definition of Terms in Statement: 
Policy Statement: 
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Policy Background: 
Major Category: Human Resource Management
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Next Scheduled Review: 04/08/17
Approved By, Date: Policy Review Committee, 04/08/08
Revision History: Updated 3/30/15, 10/22/14, 8/29/11; 1/6/11; Consolidates provisions of the University's existing Non-Discrimination Policy (revised and approved October 25, 2001, November 14, 2002), Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (date unknown) and Policy on Discriminatory Harassment (revised as of 2003).
Supersedes (previous policy):