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BOV-007 Working Capital Investment University
FIN-001 Determining if an Award is a Gift or Sponsored Project University
FIN-002 Payment for Academic Services University
FIN-003 Management of Sponsored Program Awards in a Budget Deficit University
FIN-004 Payment or Reimbursement of Business Meals University
FIN-005 Housing Resident Claims Reimbursement University
FIN-006 Insurance Coverage University
FIN-007 Locations Requiring Use of UVA Catering University
FIN-008 Restitution and Recovery from Third Parties for Departmental Damage University
FIN-009 Payment or Reimbursement of Social Event Meals University
FIN-010 University Mail Services University
FIN-011 Coordination and Approval of Telephone Services University
FIN-012 Scholarship/Fellowship Payments to Foreign Nationals University
FIN-013 Reimbursement of Moving and Relocation Expenses University
FIN-014 Academic Honorarium Payments to Non-Employees Including Short-term, Non-Immigrant Alien Visitors University
FIN-015 Endowment and Capital Gift Agreements University
FIN-016 Individuals Authorized to Approve Local Fund Exceptions to State Policies and Self-Travel University
FIN-017 University Travel Card Program University
FIN-018 Gifts of Securities University
FIN-019 Acceptance of Gifts and Special Benefits from Vendors University
FIN-020 Establishing and Managing Bank, ATMs, and Other Financial Institution Accounts for University Funds University
FIN-021 Internal Control University
FIN-022 Oversight of University Operating and Capital Budgets and Long-term Financial Plans University
FIN-023 Reconciling Departmental Accounting Records University
FIN-024 Internal Borrowing Program University
FIN-025 Internal Investment Program for University Units University
FIN-026 Creating and Managing Quasi Endowment Accounts University
FIN-027 Time and Effort Certification University
FIN-028 Minimum Effort on Federally Funded Sponsored Research Activities University
FIN-029 Use of Buildings Financed with Tax-Exempt Debt University
FIN-030 Payment or Reimbursement of Travel Expenses University
FIN-031 Prevention, Detection, and Mitigation of Identity Theft University
FIN-032 Collecting, Reporting and Remitting Virginia Sales Tax University
FIN-033 Monitoring Cash Balances and Resolving Deficits in Revenue Projects University
FIN-034 Maintenance of Equipment Inventory University
FIN-035 Academic Approval and Signatory Authority for Academic Program Agreements University
FIN-036 Signatory Authority for Executing University Contracts University
FIN-038 Receiving Goods and Services and Timely Disbursements of University Funds University
FIN-039 Obtaining a Cash Advance University
FIN-040 Managing Petty Cash Funds University
FIN-041 Managing Petty Checking Accounts University
FIN-042 Managing Change Funds University
FIN-043 Managing Exports of Controlled Technology to Foreign Persons and Destinations in Support of Research and Scholarship University
FIN-044 Use of the University Purchasing Card University
FIN-045 Electronic Funds Transfers University
FIN-046 Use of the Payment Voucher University
IRM-005 Long Distance Telephone Charges and Calling Cards University
PRM-006 Parking Policy for Capital Projects University


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